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Liquid Crystal Images has been serving North America with top quality liquid crystal displays since 1999.


We manufacture high quality liquid crystal displays with low failure rates.


We provide Just-In-Time inventory management through our US stocking of your product.


We work with our customers on custom solutions to reduce assembly and total product costs.

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At Liquid Crystal Images, we are committed to quality, service and value. We offer low tooling costs, the shortest lead-times, and the highest quality LCD's at low unit prices.


Liquid Crystal Images distributes custom and standard LCD displays and modules in North America. Our products are used by OEMs in various indoor and outdoor applications, including meters, handheld equipment, controllers, security, automotive applications, and measuring devices. We are an ISO 9001 and 14000 certified manufacturer with aggressive pricing and very high quality products.


We have broad capabilities in display manufacturing. We have 20 years of display sales and distribution, and work with a factory which has been manufacturing displays for over 35 years. We have the ability to walk our customers through custom display design and provide US support in this part of the process. We service low through middle volume customers with our stocking capabilities in the US, and high volume users by shipping direct to your facility or to your contract manufacturer's location. We can even provide custom assembly contract manufacturing in our China plant for you.


We manufacture standard products (both glass and modules), but can make custom glass, modules, and assemblies as well. We provide COB, TAB, and COG options in our standard products. We can add touch screen overlays, keypads, plastics, and some custom assemblies. We have also added a line of full color TFT displays to our line of products to round out the display offerings.


We provide several levels of inventory management for our customers. From our manufacturing facility in China, we can provide direct delivery to our customers contract manufactures in Hong Kong. In addition, we can provide freight delivery directly to our customers facilities within North America. Lastly, we can also provide just-in-time inventory management from our Charlotte, NCio, based warehouse where we can hold our customers inventory and provide shipment of partial inventory orders.


We design liquid crystal displays for a wide variety of product applications. Our displays are designed, developed & manufactured for water heaters, air conditioning units, calculators, remote controls, telephones and thermostats. At LCi, we work with you to develop custom liquid crystal displays for your specific needs, then manage the product from concept through delivery. We design, manufacture & stock common items.

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Liquid Crystal Images Senior Staff

Timothy K. Oakes

Timothy K. Oakes President/CEO

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Competitive Pricing, On Time Delivery

"Liquid Crystal Images has been our top LCD supplier for liquid crystal displays for the past seven years. Competitive pricing, on time delivery and a committed safety stock program have been a big plus to our long standing business relationship. In addition, we highly value the new product design expertise that they so willingly provide on a regular basis. Overall, a highly rated supplier."

Purchasing Manager
Select Engineered Systems
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High Quality, Low Maintenance Supplier

"Liquid Crystal Images is one of those high quality, low maintenance suppliers that a manufacturer is always seeking. LCi has provided very critical, custom display component for over a decade to Utility Relay Co. During that time, I cannot recall a single late delivery or any problems whatsoever. At LCi, Mr. Timothy Oakes is a very knowledgeable about the display industry, and has provided valuable information helpful to new product designs."

Utility Relay Co.
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Excellent Quality, An Integral Partner

"Here at Itron, we have been a customer of Liquid Crystal Images for many years. LCi has been an integral part of this relationship by handling the day to day interaction with the factory. This interaction is reflected in the overall excellent performance of the LCDs. They have been instrumental in developing the automation process of placing the LCD into a holder and creating a connection via zebra strip between the display & metrology board."

Materials Manager
Itron Inc.